Monday, 25 August 2014

The Creative Bag of Tricks #1 - Colour Charts

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” 
- Albert Einstein

Encourage imagination and invention by asking learners to create their own specialist colour charts in the target language!

Before creating:
  • Provide examples of colour charts from specialist paint companies in the target language
  • Allow learners to read, understand and discuss each colour. Do they relate to particular environments, objects, tones or shades? Which is their favourite and why?
  • Encourage learners to take note of any new vocabulary

When creating colour charts in the target language:
  • Ask learners to consider shades, tones, subtle differences or associated objects, environments and places - e.g. "Cherry blossom pink", "brightest green"
  • Ask learners to consider any memories or feelings evoked by the colours - e.g. "Day at the beach", "calmness"
  • Encourage learners to seek inspiration in the ordinary – e.g. "burnt toast", "new page white" 
  • Encourage learners to use language they know and to manipulate language from the original colour charts
  • Support learners with word-banks, glossaries and dictionaries as appropriate

Further guidance
  • Imagination and invention is key - learners need not mention specific colours
  • Support could be given in the form of laminated building blocks that learners put together to create interesting combinations 
  • Search Google images, other search engines or ask companies directly for colour charts
  • See how this activity features in a lesson using a bi-lingual poem about colours (under primary Spanish tab).
  • Let us know how you got on making colour charts with your learners. Leave your comment below.

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