Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Creative Bag of Tricks #3 - Calligrams

Celebrate European Day of Languages (26th of September) and World Animal Day (4th of October) with calligrams!

Conceptualise key themes and ideas in an imaginative and visual way.

Esto es mi pez dorado
Silencio, silencio
Es tranquilo
Nada y piensa
Se llama Estrella

Why calligrams?
  • An accessible form of poetry focusing on imagination with fewer worries about accuracy
  • Allows learners to transform familiar language in a new and interesting way
  • Ask learners to conceptualise key ideas
  • Is adaptable to different ages and stages

L'Afrique, c'est exotique
L'Afrique est exotique et étrangère
...est exotique, étrangère et pittoresque
...exotique, étrangère, pittoresque, immense
Mes souvenirs d'Afrique

Creating calligrams:
  • For younger learners, start by making visual images of key words before moving on to sentences.
  • Ask advanced learners to think about objects associated with a character from a book, film or play you are studying. Using the form of the object, make calligrams based on the character's personality traits or key quotes.
  • Read and discuss a selection of calligrams in the target language.

C'est mon chat, Shah,
Miaou, miaou,
Miaou, miaou,
Noir et blanc,
miaou, miaou,
Il saute,
Miaou, miaou,
Il dort,
Miaou, miaou, miaou.

Other Ideas:
  • Create a classroom display of your calligrams and share with us!

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