Thursday, 4 December 2014

Creative Bag of Tricks #6.2 - Short forms

 Reinforce the imperfect and conditional tenses with "Chinese portraits"

Un portrait chinois

A Chinese Portrait (portrait chinois) is a metaphorical description of yourself through a comparison with animals, objects, places, people, characters, foods... the list goes on!

The portrait is based on the imperfect/conditional formula:
“If I were a(n) X, I would be….”

e.g.    If I were a writer, I would be Charles Dickens

            If I were a plant, I would be a cactus

Ø     Using the target language teachers could brainstorm categories and/or possible items within those categories
Ø    Teachers could provide a template such as the one below to support learners
Ø     Using completed poems, learners could take part in a guessing game where anonymous poems are read at random and the object is to listen and guess the writer of the poem.

Portrait chinois template

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