Wednesday, 2 December 2015

10 Fun Poetry Ideas!
Whilst prepping for the Language Show Live (11th & 12th March 2016 @ SECC, Glasgow http://www.languageshowlive.co.uk/) I came across a presentation from the London event by Suzi Bewell, MFL lecturer at University of York, which featured some simple, fun poetry ideas I thought you might like:

1. Poem-a-week

Aim to include at least one poem (song / rhyme) into your existing planning framework.


2. Use ICT

(such as www.storybird.com * ) to help to engage reluctant writers in languages

http://mfl-storybirds.wikispaces.com/   (collection of Storybirds ready to use)


3. One image many words

Choose one piece of artwork and let their imaginations go wild!

4. Start simple

Acrostic poems and calligrams are a great starting point. Once learners confidence grows, move onto Haikus and other more advanced types of poetry.


5. Poetry Slam!

Turn it into a competition and have learners ‘perform’ their poems in front of an audience. This could be peers in class, in a year group assembly or even to parents.

6. Create a classroom poetry anthology

Learners of all abilities could contribute to an annual languages poetry anthology. The final version could be printed / published and held in the school library and / or the web.


7. Poetry quilt

Create a colourful paper quilt wall display of pupils’ poems and art work (based on Barefoot Billion project.

8. Podcast Poetry

Encourage creative speaking as well as writing using tools such as Sonocent Audio Notetaker and Periscope.


9. Poet-tree

Hang pupils’ work off the branches of a tree like you would Christmas ornaments.


10. Longform poetry

With older or more advanced learners, delve into sonnets, limericks, ballads and odes.


Also, don't forget there is a wealth of poems, rhymes and songs in hundreds of languages at www.mamalisa.com

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