Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Supporting the "Mother Tongue" commentary

Some guidelines to ensure Mother Tongue commentaries are the best they can be!

  • Encourage learners to write at a length that allows them to develop their thoughts, feelings and ideas. 

  • Use of scribes, translators and other supporters is permitted as long as the ideas expressed are the learner's own.

  • Steer learners away from providing solely literal interpretations of their chosen poems. Where appropriate, encourage them to comment on the creative aspects, language, wider themes or social/cultural/political impact of the poem.

  • Learners should consider the appeal of their commentaries on an emotional or imaginative level. Those commentaries which elaborate on the personal experiences, feelings or attitudes that have influenced their choice are more likely to engage the reader than those which offer very general statements about its broad appeal.

  • Commentaries must be submitted in English.

  • Click here to read some Mother Tongue commentaries from MTOT North West.

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