Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Creative Bag of Tricks #4 - "I am" poems

Learners see things from a different perspective in these "I am" poems. 

  • "I am" poems allow teachers to develop personal language in a more interesting and varied way.

  • Since the learner is not necessarily the subject of the poem, they can focus on expressing characteristics, thoughts, senses and feelings without having to relate these directly to themselves.

The Process

  • An "I am" poem is made up of 1 - 3 stanzas of 5 - 6 lines each.
  • The first stanza begins and ends with the words "I am..." and all subsequent stanzas end this way. 
  • The verbs used in each line relate to senses, thoughts and feelings.

Possible support

  • Glossaries, word banks or dictionaries
  • A completed model poem
  • Pre-reading comprehension of texts on a particular theme or topic

Possible activities

  • Learners write a collaborative "I am" poem where each member of a group contributes a line or stanza
  • Learners write an "I am" poem from the perspective of a mystery object selected from a box
  • Learners write an "I am" poem from the perspective of a fictional character from a novel, play or film
  • Learners write an "I am" poem about a well-known person then let others guess who it could be


Use this existing template or adapt to make your own:

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